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Joe Doyle

Joe Doyle is the owner and primary trainer at Select Training. Joe has been providing sales and customer service training for international organizations for over 15 years. Joe has a deep passion for exceptional "caring" customer service, which was germinated during his 6 years with Woolworths. Then as National Training Manager for Millers Self Storage Joe helped develop a strong service culture that aimed to turn ordinary customers into "raving fans".     


Joe founded Select Training in 2008. He recognized that there was a need for a training company that could develop training programs tailored to various organizations and not just "off the shelf" modules. Furthermore, a training company has to be focused on improving the bottom line results of its customers, something that is unfortunately rare.

Select Training specialises in getting to know the business that we provide services for with a view to being able to provide support at anytime with special projects or ongoing training needs. Our trainers are often selected as partners that can be called upon periodically throughout the year without the necessity of having to engage a permanent trainer on staff. Our current performance in these partnerships continues to be valued by our customers. The partnership not only saves the customer money and improves revenues but also provides a consistent and flexible approach to their training needs.

At Select Training, we believe in targeting training to the areas that make the biggest difference to a company's performance, such as communication, face-to-face sales, telephone sales and customer service. We also recognize the need for our customers to be able to benchmark and monitor their team's performance in these areas, hence our phantom and mystery shopping services.

After all

Practice makes perfect…

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Joe Doyle
Managing Director
P.O. Box 788
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TEL  0410 433 816
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