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Providing a fantastic Customer Service experience should be the number one goal of your company. However, customer service levels across Australia are often below international standards and rated poorly. If your customer has a bad or average experience, they simply will not return. People buy from people they like and when they feel like they are cared for. There is no excuse for poor service and every day that passes without quality service is money, sales and customers lost.

Our "Caring Customer Service" training program will teach your team how to improve and how best to approach many difficult scenarios through tailored situations and role plays. These will reflect practical and real life issues related to your company and customers. The program focuses on the following topics:

  • A sense of customer care – do you have it?
  • What is Customer Service?  
  • Consistency of service
  • Internal and external customer service
  • Active listening skills 
  • Email etiquette 
  • Word choice
  • Great service on the telephone 
  • Tone of voice
  • Body language 
  • Attitude (positive versus negative) 
  • Communication barriers 
  • Handling customer complaints 
  • Is the customer always right?

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The Customer service within any company should always focus on the following, at the very least:

Fostering a customer service culture is very important and should not be underestimated. A team culture, however, is just as important - if you are not serving a customer, you better be serving someone who is! The whole team should be happy in their roles - negativity is not something that should be tolerated, as it can drag the whole team down. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

The team must care about the customer and openly display this caring attitude. They must also understand the difference between 'service and sales' and grasp the essential correlation between the two. You should have a service standard for the team to adhere to and be measured against. Defining what you want from your team when they interact with your customers, as well as what you don't want, is crucial in shaping your customer service standards. You need to regularly train your team in customer service delivery and then measure their performance through regular assessments. Above all, the team must have consistency of service - even if they are less charismatic than you would like, if they are all consistent with the standard then the standard will be delivered.

Everyone is a customer.

Select Training provides very flexible and specifically tailored customer service solutions to large or small groups. By improving your service you lead on to happier customers, improved sales and increased repeat business. If you feel your business customer service levels have declined, then now is absolutely the time to let Select Training develop a Customer Service Course to suit your business, help you climb above the rest and to become the best in your field. While based in Sydney we provide training all over Australia. 

Select Training also offer:

Buddy Program

Konecranes - Buddy Program - July 2015

"Hi Joe,

A quick email to say Thank You, the feedback forms say it all, but I just wanted to say how very happy I am with the content of the Sales & Service Maps and pleased with the presentation of each.  I believe you managed to put even the most nervous of our team at ease and the results will come and rapidly if this afternoon was any indication!"

Amanda Fisher  - Operations Manager - Spot on Self Storage

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