Customer Feedback & Testimonials

Select Training is dedicated to providing valuable training and other services for its customers. We are honoured and delighted that some of them have taken the time to share their experiences of working with us:

Hi Joe, 

Thanks for your email. We've received lots of positive feedback from staff about the training. It was very relevant to their needs, interactive and informative. Staff walked away from the training with new learnings that can be applied to their roles. Thanks again and have a great weekend. Anthony Scerri - Manager - Advance Diversity Services 

Hi Joe, thank you for very well organised and extraordinary training session hosted last week. I want to express my sincere thanks to you on behalf of Customer Support team of Vantage Group. Via amazing interactions and proper communications based on real business cases, all my team members have gained different angles of reviewing customer support and truly understood how to analyses customer requirements by taking emotions into consideration and stand on their feet to create intuitive customer engagement, thereby improving the quality of customer service. Importantly, Joe assisted the alteration from negative to positive in terms of dealing with customer complaints and customer service for my CS team. It's been an extremely pleasure to work with Joe and I would have no hesitations in recommending Joe and his training session for any organisations aiming to carry out Sales and Customer Service. Regards - Nan Du - Operations Manager - Vantage FX

HI Joe, Thanks so much for the training you conducted this week. I have received positive feedback from every Team Member that had attended. The attendees have all stated that they will have the knowledge that you have shared with them incorporated in to their work and personal lives. Relating the content to our companies core values and the day to day working lives of each staff member was greatly appreciated. The day was enjoyable and extremely engaging and I thoroughly appreciate your help. I look forward to working with you again. 
Regards - Hasan Dzonlagic - National Credit Manager - Flick Anticimex

Hi Joe, Thank you for your excellent level of training. My staff thoroughly enjoyed it. Even as early as yesterday (one day post training) I noticed a change in attitude and a more customer - focused approach by all. Thanks and best regards George Dimaris - Director and Principle Pharmacist - Kingsway Compounding 

We really look forward to our training sessions with Joe, he makes it really enjoyable but most of all very real and relevant to our specific needs. Thank you Joe we we do appreciate all your efforts. Lyn Ross - Owner - Boydita Flowers 

Nurses On Wheels recently employed Joe Doyle, Managing Director of Select Training to deliver customer service training to our administration and nursing staff. The sessions were very relaxed, succinct and appropriate for both groups. Joe made everyone feel comfortable and gave each staff member much food for thought when relating to our patients and other contacts. I would highly recommend Joe and his customer service recommendations.  Jill Deering – CEO - Nurses On Wheels

 Hi Joe, I am sharing some good news. Matt, Dean, Manuel, Jono and Sarah all each having their best ever months of sales post our training session. Manuel is on $200k sales for the month which is a huge effort. Dean and Matt both over $100K each. One of our strongest months as a group; $1.1m in orders taken so far in May! The sales team are going great, but we still have more improvement to go. We are all looking forward to the next training session. Thanks again for your input.  Have a good weekend, Cheers 

Daniel Barrie - CEO and Founder - Superlight 

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter in my capacity as the Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness Facilities and Services Manager.I am pleased to advise that in May 2012 SUSF contracted Joe Doyle and Select Training to carry out the difficult project of implementing a Sales and Customer Service focus within our current staffing structure.The project itself was very intricate and required a great deal of design innovation as we hadn't had a sales focus prior. The results soon spoke for themselves and SUSF have since seen a year on year growth of overall revenue since 2012.

In July 2017, Joe delivered training to all of our Customer Service team and within 3 weeks of the training sales had grown by over 42% compared to the same period 12 months earlier.Importantly, Joe has always been a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitations in recommending Joe and Select Training to any company looking to carry out Sales and Customer Service training.

Should you have any questions regarding the above or our experiences with Select Training please feel free to contact me on 

Paul Reynolds - Facilities & Services Manager - Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness - (02) 9351 4969 - Mob 0422 476 850 - - 18th August 2017

Morning Joe, 

Thoroughly enjoyed the training yesterday and wanted to give you a big thank you for such relevant and practical inputs. I am confident it has added a lot of value to all participants. You did what all speakers want to do. You got the audience engaged and kept everyone of them glued to your session for the full four hours. That was phenomenal and we rarely see speakers like you.Your passion is infectious and you communicate very effectively. Take care.

Kamal - Attendee and Lecturer - Kaplan Business School

We were looking to upskill our staffing group at Kaplan Business School with some further customer service training.  Upon doing a lot of research on an external trainer who could facilitate this across 4 different cities, Select Training was chosen over 4 different companies.  This in itself tells a story.  I did extensive research on a number of providers and chose Joe for three main reasons.  These were:

  1. Joe immediately demonstrated excellent customer service with his prompt reply, good communication and overall energy
  2. The package he was offering fitted the bill and was flexible enough for what we needed
  3. The price was reasonable for what was on the market and fairly reflected the services we needed

Having been through countless training sessions (and delivering some) myself, I often preach how important understanding the audience is.  I was immediately impressed by Joe and his willingness and drive to understand our needs.  This process was absolutely vital to the success of the program.  Joe and I communicated back and forth over a number of weeks, talking about the delivery, the content, our business, the logistics, the staff involved etc.  Before we were due to deliver at each city, we both felt confident of how it was going to go due to the preparation work we had put in.  I must commend Joe on this part of the experience, as this was key to its success in my eyes.

The training in each city went off without a hitch, Joe and I communicated regularly and we ensured all the potentially logistical downfalls were minimised.  Joe carried out 4 separate training sessions in 4 separate cities in one week, facilitating approximately 80 of our team.  The fact we had no issues from an operational point of view is a testament to Joe's proactive communication.

The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive.  The overall delivery was a perfect mixture of light hearted and professional, delivering the key messages we wanted delivered.  There was plenty of interaction and activity that kept the teams stimulated, this was particularly impressive as it was delivered in December and we were all relatively tired from a busy year.  The content was exactly what we need and perfectly tailored to our business needs, so it will go beyond the one training session in each city. 

Overall, the training was fantastic and we are very grateful to Select Training and all the work they put in.  I would highly recommend them for customer service training.  Joe personally was excellent to deal with, providing some valuable and insightful feedback on our team too to help us learn.  Thank you Select Training!

Alex Reeman-Clark - General Manager - Student Experience - Kaplan Business School

"We thoroughly enjoyed the training provided by Select Training.  Joe's overall enthusiasm and engagement was exemplary and he ensured that our businesses training needs were met through really understanding our business and what we do, so he was able to gain a  greater insight on where we needed improvement.  Joe was incredibly easy to liaise with and had a great wealth of knowledge to offer our organisation to assist with our training needs. The training content provided by Joe was consistent, of high quality and very engaging for all our staff and it was thoroughly enjoyed ! The overall learning experience was excellent and we would not hesitate in recommending Joe and Select Training."

Kate Burns - Human Resources Coordinator - Southern Cross Dental

"Joe from Select Training recently completed several training courses with our entire staff across 3 stores.

Joe has a brilliant understanding of how to relay the importance of customer service to our staff. The trainings were conducted in a professional but relaxed atmosphere in an engaging & entertaining manner.
Our staff were educated on effective & practical ways to approach every day, & difficult situations when dealing with customers. 
The staff have also enjoyed being able to use these skills not only for work but in their personal lives as well.

Another great aspect of this training was that Joe personally mystery shopped all of our stores before the training. He then discussed his findings at our trainings which gave a great insight on where we needed improvement.  We were also provided a customised action plan to help ensure we keep our staff focused on implementing what we learnt. I  would recommend Joe's services to anyone that wants to achieve the highest possible customer service results. We look forward to working with him again in the future!"

Rebecca Hennessy - HR Manager - Barone Pharmacy 

"Hi Joe,

As we have now completed our Customer Service workshops with you, I thought it was apt to advise of the positive impact the training has had on the team.  In a short time frame the team has improved in many areas and as a result the business has seen the benefits. 

Before we started, and with honest reflection, our customer service levels were not up to standard and needed help to steer us in the right direction.  Since the three sessions we are now delivering a greater improved level of service. At our sales conference this week, all the sales staff focused on the future noting that the customer service team is now a strength in this plan. 

Our verbal and written communications have improved and we are now delivering a clearer and professional message to our customer (internal and external). We now offer solutions rather than looking to blame or shift calls to sales reps. We have  taken ownership of our customers and their requirements. As a team we have bonded, strengthened and we support each other - we work together to provide solutions and we look to help each other during the busy times. 

Overall, our customer service culture has been transformed to the level required to support the business moving into the future and I believe this will continue. 

The content that was provided in the course was exceptional and managed to focus on the needs of individuals, as well as the company. 

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you, and I look forward to working with you again in the future."     

Greg Mowlam - Customer Service Manager - Bromic Group

"Hi Joe, Thanks so much for the training last week. I have to say that the feedback was just great, including from those that at first made it clear that they did not want to attend. You really turned them around. I have plenty to follow up on to make sure that the lessons learnt are lived and breathed.

The thing that everyone said and that is so noticeable and I appreciate so much is how relevant the content is. You've once again gone to a lot of trouble to understand what we need and the manner in which you deliver it is practical and engaging because everyone can see how the pieces we cover apply to their day to day activities. You've kept it simple and real world for us and I thoroughly appreciate your help. I look forward to working with you again. All the best"

Bradley Williams - Customer Service Manager / National Credit Manager - Remondis Australia

"Hi Joe, as you reminded me, It has now been a week since our course.. and I have done an assessment on the 'before' and 'after' results, so I thought I'd share them with you..

Let me start by saying Thank You..! in one week since your course, our average number of booking per week has gone up be over 10%, our number of new clients have increased by 10% and as of 30 minutes ago (half way through the day) our total sales week on week have gone up by 12.5%. One of girls had a $1,700 day which would have been impressive comparatively, if one of the other team members did not have a $4,000 day also..! The interactions with customers are a lot more purposeful, the managers are a lot more confident in guiding the teams sales activities and setting standards.

So, thanks again Joe.. the two days training course was a great success on 3 fronts, we all had a great team building and fun event, the managers got a consistent and structured road map to guide the team, and every team members sales performance improved. I think that hit and exceeded our original goals.

Lets plan the master class..! Best regards,"

Nariman Karimi - Owner - Laser Clinics Australia Robina

"The training programme that Joe delivered was just what we needed. Joe related very well to all of our staff and they thoroughly enjoyed the training, even though they were regularly taken out of their comfort zone. The programme was very well structured and has given us as owners, as well as our staff, tools that we can use to continually improve our customer service and sales. The programme has proven to be great value as we achieved sales records at both of our clinics in the month that the training was conducted.

Greg & Susan - Owners - Laser Clinics Australia    

"Hi Joe,

I would just like to thank you for the time you spent with us over the last two days. I know we have all learnt a lot out of it and the way in which you taught it was very enjoyable. Even right now in the clinic we are already trying to apply your techniques and i've already up-sold to some clients and got a LHR client booked into injectables AND we're practicing answering the phone your way! Keep up with your great work and inspiring people all over Australia and the world! I hope you have a safe trip back home."

Kira Moloney - Therapist - Laser Clinics Australia 

"Hi Joe,

Following up from our training over the last few days. I would like to thank you for all of your help, training and overall self-confidence boost! I really gained a lot of useful skills that we can actually apply to everyday work and improve not only our performance but overall clinic performance. As promised, I used cross-sell techniques and converted a LHR client to skin and made an extra $500! (all thanks to you!). I will be recommending you to everyone! Thanks again Elise"

Elise Birchall - Therapist - Laser Clinics Australia     

"Select Training has helped Redspot Car Rentals deliver its employee induction program over an extended period. Redspot is committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service while also maximising sales in a highly competitive market. Select took time to understand the needs of Redspot's business and it's customers and worked with the management team to develop and deliver relevant and appropriate training strategies to achieve these goals. Throughout the process Select were sensitive to the needs of Redspot and its employees while appreciating the need to deliver an improved financial outcome from every customer interaction. The delivery of training by Joe Doyle was high quality with an effective blend of fun and accountability for attendees. Redspot values its association with Select and will continue to use its dervices as opportunities arise."

Stuart Ratcliffe - Network Development Manager - Redspot Car Rentals 

"Joe Doyle of Select Training recently completed two training and coaching sessions with our employees designed to improve the way we take care of our customers, and making sure we have a "caring customer service" whilst dealing with them either by phone or in person. The original engagement of Select Training was due to their willingness to understand our business and customise the training accordingly after doing weeks, if not months of research on our front line team. The training and coaching was customised to our business and included role-plays of actual customer scenarios after transcripts were taken from our phone system. I've seen an improvement in our service levels already, in addition to increased confidence in our employees' ability to provide outstanding service to our customers. Another benefit is better internal communications and respect for other company employees. I recommend Select Training's services to help create a culture of ownership among employees."

Jamie Mair - Head of Sales & Marketing - Actron Air 


"Joe took the time to understand our business and tailor the training sessions according to our needs so that the information presented was always relevant and engaging. The delivery was smooth and the impact was immediate, it really got our staff thinking about the way they communicate and how they come across over the telephone. The improvements suggested were clearly explained and not difficult to put into practice for staff members at all levels. We definitely see the benefit of getting Joe to provide us with further training in the future."


Flaminio Dondina - Director - Gori Australia - Gori New Zealand 

"Engaging and consulting with all key stakeholders, Select Training developed and delivered a sales and customer service training program that gave our retail team specific tools to measure and improve their performance. The feedback to date has been fantastic and we look forward to working with Joe Doyle and Select Training in the future."

Ben Greenaway - Director Retail Sales - ResMed.           

"Joe's approach was persuasive and engaging and resonated with those who attended because it was delivered with an understanding and experience of the real world. Joe has many years of business and customer service experience prior to starting Select Training and it shows. The day was presented in at times a humourous way and was well paced.

Often training can become dry and boring, but from the feedback I received that certainly was not the case. We worked through scenarios that were specific to our business and that actually happen, so when we discussed the way they were being handled and how to handle them differently, it provided a message that had a great deal more meaning. The course has put Customer Service in front of mind again and has provided some everyday, simple and effective ways to present ourselves more professionally to customers which we have adopted and are putting into practice. This is not the end but the beginning and we're planning to have Joe back to our business again soon. Thank you."   

Bradley Williams - National Credit Manager - Remondis Australia Pty Ltd

"The feedback from the attendees participating in the Customer Service Training course was fantastic. Joe managed to keep the whole team engaged for the duration of the day even though there was employees with varying levels of skills and experience. There was a noticable and immediate impact with regards to the approach taken by the team when responding to queries and complaints with a renewed confidence in their abilities.

I will definately be using Joe and Select Training again as part of our annual refresher training program."

Glen Brooks - Manager - PeopleConnect - News Corporation            

"Hi Joe,

All participants were very happy with the workshop and look forward to more future trainings. Thank you very much for the excellent training provided. Well done!

Kind regards"

Rebecca Li - Office Manager - Darley Aluminium


"Hi Joe


 I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for the training program that you facilitated as part of Konecranes' dedicated Inspector training.            

I was quite unsure as what to expect from the week, however I was pleasantly surprised by the overall high quality of the training. In particular, the day that you spent with us was invaluable to me. As we touched base on, I have recently received a promotion and I am certain that the knowledge I received from your program will be an integral part of me being successful in my new position at Konecranes. 


This kind of training is, I believe, new to Konecranes. What a brilliant decision it was to include it as part of the program. I would be more than happy to be part of any training program that you develop in association with Konecranes in the future, as it is some of the best external training I have ever received.                   


Many thanks and best regards"  Simon Esler - Service Supervisor - Konecranes

 "Hi Joe,

When I did my research for customer service training for our print team at Fuji Xerox, you stood out as someone who was passionate, knowledgeable and had insight into what we were wanting to sow into our staff. Even through the website, I got a good sense of the person behind the words and pictures, and knew you would be genuine and someone our team members could connect with (not just a generic company). During the training, you made the concepts and ideas simple and relatable, and our staff were inspired to put what they'd learnt into practice in the future. The whole experience was enjoyable, informative and the team also got to know each other better along the way.

We will keep you as one of our preferred trainers and will contact you if we have further requirements."

Fiona Chalmers, Service Excellence Team Administrator, Fuji Xerox




Great job today. Feedback from all was very positive. Markus (MD) and Jenny (Operations Manager) thought it was excellent.

Thanks again."

 David Serg, Group General Manager, Preston Group

"Joe walked into our organisation with an extremely hard challenge - completely change the company's 30 year approach to selling. Met with serious staff resistance, Joe demonstrated the amazing ability to breakdown the most apprehensive staff into sales believers after the first session. Joe has the ability to connect with all personalities in such a way that our staff requested Joe return every two months for more Sales Training. Results of the training have easily justified the expense to our hardest boardroom skeptics. The board now requests that Joe conduct quarterly training sessions." 
 Andrew Eastwood, General Manager, U-Store-It Self Storage Adelaide
"Our team thoroughly enjoyed their customer service and sales training and we've already started seeing results. Joe was well prepared, flexible and engaging. I have no hesitations recommending Select Training and we look forward to working with Joe into the future. Thanks again!"
 Kylie Allen - Customer Service Manager, Hoselink
 "The customer service training provided by Joe (Select Training) was a great team building exercise. The tools learnt at the training will provide WCS with a consistent, caring approach to our customers."
 Leigh Franklin - Manager - Day Based Programs - Woodville Community Services. 
 "The feedback from staff has been inspiring. Everyone enjoyed themselves and it seems as though each individual has taken away something different from the course.The course has helped realign staff with a customer service focus and re-energised them to be champions in this field. Thank you for a wonderful day of really fun training that achieved the desired results!" 
 Anne-Maree Clarke - NSW Business Support Manager - IPAR
 "Moveworx engaged Select Training to review and enhance our phone sales performance and train our sales team. Our contact from Select Training was Joe Doyle. What was most pleasing was Joe's holistic approach to the task. Joe began the process by mystery shopping our business to establish a baseline of what was required to improve things. Joe also provided in depth analysis of our existing phone sales material and from this produced a thorough Sales Map for the face to face training. Joe also asked about our current closing rates, cost per lead, what lead sources get the best results etc. Joe's initial background work meant that he was more than prepared on the day of training and the standard of training was excellent. I will be using Select Training again and thoroughly recommend them to any organisation that requires Sales Training."
 Phil Barnett - Sales & Office Manager - Moveworx
 "The feedback from your training was very positive. Our MD spoke to all the guys and he was pleased with the feedback he received. Joe thanks for your efforts and contribution to our National Sales Reps Sales Conference, both Brad and myself were very pleased."
 Heath Anderson - National Sales Manager - Multispares Limited  
 "Thanks Joe. The Customer Service training was excellent and our franchisees thought you were really helpful. I have also referred you on to another organisation so expect a call from them!" 
 Dawna Leung - Founder and Director - Mandarin Stars
 "Feedback from our staff was all positive. Joe's style of personal tailor made training was very engaging. It inspired staff on all levels, brought the staff closer together and I now feel confident to plan and implement further education for our team with Select Training. So glad I found you Joe!!" 
 Maria Blaschka - Marketing Manager - Tile Mega Mart
 "2011 was a year of change for us and we had a lot of first time Managers join our property. With Joe and Select Training's assistance we recognised areas we needed to improve on as a management team. Joe spent a lot of time researching our company and identifying what needed to be achieved in the training. All of our Managers found the training to be very informative and took a lot of positives away from the day." 
 Amy O'Callaghan - HR Manager - Radisson Hotel and Suites - Sydney 
 "We identified some challenges in our company around the level of sales skills within our team. We worked for over 3 months to try and bring the team up to a more professional level and reached a point where no improvement was realised using our internal training skills and realised external help was required. We had used several other training firms in the past and were hesitant to outsource the sales process, however after speaking to Joe Doyle from Select Training, we had confidence that his personal approach and industry experience would be a great fit for Fort Knox. Joe has worked with our team for the past 4 months and we have already experienced a huge increase in our sales conversion, professionalism and genuine positive feedback from our clients. We will continue to use Joe and Select Training into the future and have no hesitation in recommending him for training, motivation and team building in any industry." 
 Guy Wilson - General Manager - Fort Knox Self Storage  
 "Dear Joe, thank you so much for your presentation on Customer Service at our recent conference. It was a fantastic session and I am still getting feedback on how much fun it was. I definately will keep you in mind when I am planning the regional conference next year and I am also hoping to get a couple of your sessions organised for later in the year. Will be in touch later to discuss some options for these courses. Once again thank you Joe for all your support. Regards Terri."
 Terri Swanbury - Administrative Manager - Colo Vale Public School  
 "After researching and speaking to a number of training organisations, I knew after a couple of phone calls with Joe Doyle from Select Training that he was going to be able to assist our Company with an immediate Customer Service issue we were having. Joe took the time in our initial discussions to understand the issue's we were having , he asked all the right questions and gave myself a sense of confidence that his approach was what we were looking for. Joe held a half day 1-on- 1 session with one of our employees which resulted in an immediate improvement towards his attitude, not only towards Customer Service and our clients , but we have also seen an improvement in the workplace. It has now been 3 months since his session with Joe and we are that impressed with this employees new outlook and approach towards our clients, we are now working on a schedule to provide the rest of our staff a refresher on how we can improve as an organisation in delivering a high level of Customer Service to our clientele." 
 Shannon Burgess - General Manager - Modcoms Voice Data Mobility
 "Joe Doyle is the quite achiever . With no prior knowledge of our industry Joe took the time to research the business and Mystery Shop our competitors. Joe conducts the training in a quite and unassuming manner and gained the respect of all involved. Joe was able to pick up on the strengths and weaknesses of the consultants and work with that. The feedback from our people was very positive and whilst enjoying the training they also took a lot away from it. We intend to use Joe for ongoing training. I would have no problem in recommending Select Training."
 Denise Butt - HR -Cerrone Jewellers
 "Select Training has provided our organisation with a range of training packages in recent months and we have been extremely satisfied with the results. Joe was able to tailor the training to the needs of both the organisation and the staff, he kept the sessions light and entertaining and engaged the staff in role plays to make the whole experience both light hearted and informative. We will definitely use Select Training again."  
 Roslyn Morton - Manager - Sutherland Shire Community Transport 
 "We engaged Select Training to help 123 Australia Pty Ltd and our associated companies to better structure and develop our sales and customer service strategies. Joe Doyle of Select Training was instrumental in putting together and delivering a systematic sales and service approach to our organisation. This not only improved our bottom line results but more importantly our consistency in approach across each of our companies. The use of Select Training's phantom shopper service allowed us to continue to measure the success of these programs. We were very pleased with the service, expert advice and continued support we received and continue to receive from Select Training."
 Managing Director -123 Australia Pty Ltd 
"Select Training provides an enjoyable fresh approach to training. Joe Doyle has the ability to show respect for all comments from participants whilst directing the follow up discussion into a productive and positive outcome.  Joe has tailored training courses to meet our organisations specific needs.  Our staff respect Joe as a trainer, regardless of the subject matter, and look forward to future training days. I have no hesitation in referring Select Training to prospective customers."   
 Lyn Bright - Executive Officer - South West Community Transport