Mystery Shopper (Face to face visits and assesments)

"Inspect what you expect." Anyone who has watched the antics of Gerry Harvey (June 2010) when he disguised himself as an old man and visited his stores will appreciate the importance of a mystery shopper service.

At Select Training, we can organise a professional Mystery Shopping service for your organisation. We selectively hire and train our mystery shoppers to visit your stores and analyze the level of sales and service received. This would be using an agreed scoring system measuring against a set standard that the team would be trained on and aware of.

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Phantom Shopper (Recorded telephone calls and assesments)  

"Inspect what you expect." At Select Training, we have learned from years of managing businesses that you never really know what your team are saying to their customers on the telephone until they are recorded. Select Training hire and train their own phantom shoppers to ring your business with an enquiry and then record the resulting interaction with your staff. A written report is completed by your trainer outlining general comments, good aspects of the call and what areas need improvement.

It is important that your team have a sales standard that they are well trained on and measured against,

This is a very powerful tool, which if used correctly, can yield huge results in improving sales and customer service levels.

Some important notes about phantom shopping:  
  • Your entire team must sign a telephone disclaimer acknowledging that they are aware that their calls may be recorded for training and performance purposes.
  • No private calls are ever recorded.
  • The only calls recorded are "fake" ones with trained phantom shoppers.
  • We encourage an environment where calls can be played to a small training group and discussed openly in comfortable surroundings.

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for further information regarding this very powerful service. It is important to offer incentives for great sales calls.

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