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How many times have you walked into a retail store only to be ignored by the sales staff? Then when they do approach you, you can almost feel their lack of interest or care for you and your needs. They are what I call "clock on and clock off" staff. Their primary goal is to get through the day as quickly as possible and get out the door on the dot. They have one eye on the clock and the other on the front door. They do not really care about the "customer" or the "company".

On closer examination you will find that these staff are poorly incentivised, poorly supervised, poorly trained and perhaps do not have the right attitude for customer service.

After all, doesn't every business owner want their team members to serve customers well because they genuinely want to and enjoy doing it.

Face-to-Face sales success goes hand in hand with customer service but is it enough to be nice? Well great sales can come from terrific customer service but I have met plenty of lovely sales assistants that have not sold me anything! It is the combination of a great personality, a sales map system, incentives, training and follow up that deliver fantastic sales results.

At Select Training, we tailor our Sales Training Service Map and Caring Customer Service course to suit your company's needs. A basic summary of our approach would be as follows:

  1. Spend some time understanding what the company does, how it sells and what works and what does not.
  2. Review the current Sales and Service levels and in conjunction with management and key staff create a Service Map that will improve performance.
  3. Discuss and review staff incentives to ensure they are skewed towards sales and service outperformance.
  4. Mystery Shop various customer service / sales staff (pre training) so we can benchmark performance and get a good understanding of the current skill set and gap.
  5. Conduct a small training session to introduce the new Service Map and ensure that there is a strong service / sales culture in place.
  6. Roll out the new program to the rest of the sales / service team.
  7. Mystery shops various sales and service staff and review the progress of the new service map.
  8. Conduct follow up training and random mystery shops on a monthly, bi-monthly or a quarterly timeframe. 
Face to Face Sales Assistant


  • Creating new habits is the key to success and regular assessment, training and follow up are the best ways to reinforce positive change.
  • Management will be encouraged to lead by example and support the program's importance at all times.
  • If implemented properly this program has the potential to significantly improve sales conversions from browsing customers.

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