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At Select Training we specialise in Telephone Sales training and have established a solid track record of helping companies add structure to their sales process and convert enquiries into sales. 

  We offer flexibility in developing training courses for your business and teams and highlight below a summary of our preferred approach as follows:

1. We would spend some time understanding what your company does, how it sells and what its competitive advantages are.

2. Review the current Sales Program and in conjunction with management and key staff create a Sales structure that will improve conversions.

3. Discuss and review staff incentives to ensure they are skewed towards outperformance in sales.

4. Phantom shop and record various sales staff (pre training) so we can benchmark performance and get a good understanding of the current skill set and gap.

5. Conduct a small training session to introduce the new Sale Map (sales structure) and ensure that there is a strong Sales culture in place.

6. Roll out the new program to the rest of the Sales team.

7. Review the progress of the new Sale Map.

8. Conduct some follow up training and phantoms calls on either a monthly, bi-monthly or a quarterly timeframe. This keeps your team on their toes! 
Telephone Sales Assistant 

Special Notes:

• Creating new habits is the key to success and regular assessment, training and follow up are the best ways to reinforce positive change. 

• Management will be encouraged to lead by example and support the program's significance at all times. 

• If implemented properly this program has the potential to significantly improve sales conversions. 

It always amazes me how many companies do not really know what their team are saying to their prospective customers or how they are selling. It surprises me further how many companies do not give their staff a clear sales structure and telephone sales training when it comes to answering inbound sales calls. Select Training offers sales training courses, communication skills and leadership skills training for management and staff. Contact us today so your business can start converting more telephone enquiries into real paying customers.


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