Communication Training

Select Training offers full training programs in the area of communication skills and communication training. The Communication skills training is often conducted hand in hand with Select's Customer Service training course. 

Joe in training with team on Communication skills
The following topics are addressed in this course:

  • Having and maintaining the right attitude (attitude is everything!)
  • Caring customer service and communication
  • Active and passive listening
  • The power of body language
  • Handling complaints and turning a negative into a positive
  • What is the cost of discontent?
  • Communication barriers
  • Enthusiasm and empathy
  • Communication and the telephone
  • Customers with special needs
  • Word choice makes a difference
  • Customer expectations
  • Internal and external customers

Most teams have a general understanding of how to communicate with "external" customers but often neglect to communication well with their "internal" customers. This disconnect in service levels ultimately effects the customer and shows up in productivity, complaints and low repeat business numbers. Contact Us for more information about our Communication Skills Training and Customer Service 

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