Complaint Handling

"A complaint is a gift that should be accepted with two hands" - I am not sure who said that but never has a truer word been spoken. A complaint can be such a great opportunity for a company but most companies and their employees cannot see this and waste it. Firstly, most people do not complain so any complaints you do receive are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Compliant Handling by manager
Developing a system that ensures that you hear back from the customer and that they know you want to hear it, no matter how bad the feedback.
However, hearing the complaint is only a minor part of the issue, it's how you deal with them that is critical. Select Training has developed training around complaints and customer service. We understand how difficult it is to deal with an uncomfortable situation, such as listening to an upset customer, keeping your calm and delivering the best possible outcome for both the customer and the business. Younger sales team members find confrontation difficult to deal with in a work environment and so Select Training caters to 'situational training' to help less mature team members learn the best tactics.

We will ensure your team cope well in any situation and give your team a step by step guide and theories on how best to respond to Customer Complaints. This includes complaints received over the phone or face to face. This topic is also a part of our Caring Customer Service Training course.

As part of the course we will also analyse some of the types of complaints your company receives. Your team will get to sort these out into complaints that were within their control or outside of their control.
We will look at why they happened, how they may have been avoided and how to help the customer once a complaint is received.
Only 1 in 5 customers actually complain so we also talk about seeking better feedback so we may get a chance to hear any issues that customers have.

All of these complaint-handling techniques will then be role-played and practiced with specific scenarios relevant to your business and team circumstances. 

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