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A recent survey has confirmed what I have long believed and experienced, customer service in Australia stinks!  The survey, conducted in early 2010, involved 12 countries and found that Australia ranked equal last alongside Britain. I have travelled around the world and unfortunately I agree with the findings. Has your company contributed to these results? 

If your business customer service levels are sub standard then contact Select Training and find out how our "Caring Customer Service" training program can help. Alternatively you can contact one of our trainers on 0410 433 816 for more information.

There is simply no excuse for poor service and companies are losing money every day because their team do not care enough.

For me great customer service within a company centers around the following:

  • You must foster a customer service culture
  • Your team must be happy in their role
  • Your team must understand the difference between service and sales and the important correlation between the two.
  • You team must care about the customer and display this caring attitude
  • You must have a service standard that your team adheres to and is measured against.
  • Consistency of service across all outlets or offices is crucial (think MacDonalds, it may not always be great but it is consistent).
  • You must regularly train your team in the area of customer service and then measure their performance by regular mystery shopping and phantom shopping programs.
  • A team culture cannot be underestimated. If you are not serving the customer you better be serving someone who is!
  • Everyone is a customer                              

Customer Service Training  Customer Service Training

                                       Customer Service Training for the Department of Education

Select Training

can provide flexible tailored customer service solutions to large or small groups. Improved service leads to happier customers, improved sales and increased repeat business. Don't wait to make the changes as your customers deserve it. Contact one of our trainers on 0410 433 816 for more information.